• Collage of five book covers. The covers are cut in thinner stripes, so only parts of each cover are visible. The books represented are: The Secret of Haven Point, Elena Knows, My Government Means to Kill Me, The Year My Life Went Down The Toilet, True Biz.

    Guide: Books on Disability/ Chronic Illnesses/ Neurodiversity/ etc.

    This is a living list with works which deal with disability and/ or chronical illness and/or Deafness and/or neurodiversity and more. It’s about disability rights and movements, about ableism, about survival and solidarity, about pain and grief, and about joy and care. A lot of the descriptions here are taken from reviews I…

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    50+ Books 2023 (July-Dec)

    The first half of 2023 is already over and while there are many unvertainities always, there is one thing we can be sure about: There will be incredible books published between July and December 2023. And below you find some of the books which are on my radar. Fiction J. Vanessa Lyon: Lush…

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    50 (+ more) Books 2023 (January – June)

    One week into the new year and I am happy to know that despite everything there is one thing we can be sure about in 2023: Some fantastic books will be published. Like every year I have my little calender in which I write down whenever I come across a title a find…

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    50 Highly Anticipated Books 2022 (July-December)

    We are already deep into the second half of 2022. So it’s time for another fifty books I am excited for this year. The book descriptions are mostly taken directly from the respecitive publishers’ websites. For monthly updates on new releases, follow me on Instagram where I share new publications in my stories (and save…

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    50 Highly Anticipated Books 2022 (January-June)

    No matter what 2022 will bring, there will be art, there will be books. And these are fifty of the books I am seeing forward to in the first half of the year! For monthly updates on new releases, follow me on Instagram where I share new publications in my stories (and save…

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    April, May, June 2021: 15 (+) Most-Anticipated Books

    I spent most of the first quarter of 2021 severely ill but now I am very much seeing forward to a new quarter filled with the kind light of spring and plenty of incredible new publications. As I am based in Germany and can access books published in Germany, UK, and the US…

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    #ReclaimHerName – or maybe don’t?

    In 1939, Ann Petry published her first short story “Marie of the Cabin Club” though the name “Ann Petry” was not listed as the author, instead, it was “Arnold Petry”. Like her, throughout history, women have taken on masculine pen names in order to publish their writing in a sexist and misogynistic (publishing)…