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    50 (+ more) Books 2024 (January – June)

    This is my incredibly extensive list of books I am excited about or highly interested in which will be published in the first half of 2024. As always, the publications date might be a bit all over the place because I use dates from all places where I can access the books from.…

  • Collage of five book covers. The covers are cut in thinner stripes, so only parts of each cover are visible. The books represented are: The Secret of Haven Point, Elena Knows, My Government Means to Kill Me, The Year My Life Went Down The Toilet, True Biz.

    Guide: Books on Disability/ Chronic Illnesses/ Neurodiversity/ etc.

    This is a living list with works which deal with disability and/ or chronical illness and/or Deafness and/or neurodiversity and more. It’s about disability rights and movements, about ableism, about survival and solidarity, about pain and grief, and about joy and care. A lot of the descriptions here are taken from reviews I…

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    50+ Books 2023 (July-Dec)

    The first half of 2023 is already over and while there are many unvertainities always, there is one thing we can be sure about: There will be incredible books published between July and December 2023. And below you find some of the books which are on my radar. Fiction J. Vanessa Lyon: Lush…

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    50 (+ more) Books 2023 (January – June)

    One week into the new year and I am happy to know that despite everything there is one thing we can be sure about in 2023: Some fantastic books will be published. Like every year I have my little calender in which I write down whenever I come across a title a find…

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    50 Highly Anticipated Books 2022 (July-December)

    We are already deep into the second half of 2022. So it’s time for another fifty books I am excited for this year. The book descriptions are mostly taken directly from the respecitive publishers’ websites. For monthly updates on new releases, follow me on Instagram where I share new publications in my stories (and save…

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    50 Highly Anticipated Books 2022 (January-June)

    No matter what 2022 will bring, there will be art, there will be books. And these are fifty of the books I am seeing forward to in the first half of the year! For monthly updates on new releases, follow me on Instagram where I share new publications in my stories (and save…

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    April, May, June 2021: 15 (+) Most-Anticipated Books

    I spent most of the first quarter of 2021 severely ill but now I am very much seeing forward to a new quarter filled with the kind light of spring and plenty of incredible new publications. As I am based in Germany and can access books published in Germany, UK, and the US…