Welcome to Have Your Read … ?. My name is Charlott Schönwetter. I was born in Berlin, Germany, and that’s where I still live. Literature has always figured prominently in my life – although my foci and interests have shifted significantly. While as a teenager I was deeply interested in reading “the canon” for the canon’s sake, I have since adopted a far more critical and inquiring approach. Today, I am drawn to dark, weird fiction, the works of marginalized writers, feminist, queer, and post-colonial oriented non-fiction and theory. With regards to fiction, I mostly read what is often termed literary fiction (I am not convinced fully by the label), speculative fiction, and some historical fiction. I love poetry, too.

I received an M.A. in African Studies (with a focus on African literature(s)). I am currently writing my PhD thesis in Gender Studies – and I hope this is a sentence I can erase/ edit later this year.